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Writing Climate Change – Discussion and workshop

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Sunday 12:00 Mark Waghorn Design – “Reading Room” – Writing Climate Change

climate-change.jpgBook Tickets: £5

What do you feel when you think about climate change? Are there ways that writing about it can make a difference? This discussion and workshop run  Bristol Climate Writers offers you the opportunity to hear readings from new climate change related work, and to try writing about climate change yourself – whether a short story, a poem, or a piece of non-fiction. Suitable for adults and teens.

Bristol Climate Writers was founded to support writers of all genres who write about climate change, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They meet monthly for discussion and critique. The group also provides public workshops, in which participants take part in guided exercises and produce pieces of climate change themed writing during the workshop, as well as hearing new climate-related writing, and discussing the rationale for writing about climate change.

Ysgrifennu am newid yn yr hinsawdd – Dydd Sul Ebrill 29ain am 12.00yh yn Stafell Ddarllen Mark Waghorn.

Beth yw’ch barn chi am newid yn yr hinsawdd? Oes yna ffyrdd ble gall ysgrifennu wneud gwahaniaeth? Cynhelir y drafodaeth a’r gweithdy hwn gan Bristol Climate Writers a bydd cyfle i chi wrando ar ddarlleniadau allan o waith sy’n gysylltiedig â newid hinsawdd ac i chi eich hun geisio ysgrifennu am newid hinsawdd – boed yn stori fer, cerdd neu ddarn o waith ffeithiol. Yn addas i oedolion a phlant yn eu harddegau.

Sefydlwyd Bristol Climate Writers i gefnogi ysgrifenwyr ym mhob genre sy’n ysgrifennu am newid yn yr hinsawdd gan gynnwys ffuglen, ffeithiol a barddoniaeth. Maent yn cyfarfod yn fisol er mwyn trafod a beirniadu. Mae’r grŵp hefyd yn cynnal gweithdai cyhoeddus pan fydd cyfranogwyr yn cymryd rhan mewn ymarferion a chynhyrchu darnau o waith ar thema newid yn yr hinsawdd yn ogystal â chlywed gwaith newydd a thrafod y rhesymau dros ysgrifennu am newid yn yr hinsawdd.

DM Tomkins writes long and short fiction, and is particularly interested in family relationships and in climate change. Her work has been published in various anthologies and online, and has been long and shortlisted for a number of literary prizes. She is a member of ClimateCultures, a national network of artists and scientists concerned with climate change, and set up Bristol Climate Writers in 2017.

Bristol Climate Writers is on Facebook. Twitter: @tomkins_deborah

Pete Sutton has a not so secret lair in the wilds of Fishponds, Bristol and dreams up stories, many of which are about magpies. He’s had stuff published, online and in book form, including a short story collection called A Tiding of Magpies (Shortlisted for the British Fantasy Award 2017) and the novel Sick City Syndrome. He wrote all about Fishponds for the Naked Guide to Bristol and has made more money from non-fiction than he has from fiction and wonders if that means the gods of publishing are trying to tell him something. He’s a member of the North Bristol Writers, and helps organise the Bristol Festival of Literature, Bristol HorrorCon and BristolCon. He’s published by Kensington Gore. Pete’s blog is   Twitter:  @suttope

Kevin McCabe is an engineer, interested in large green infrastructure projects. In his spare time he writes bits and pieces on the subject of climate change.

He publishes random thoughts and analysis on


Tim Burroughs is a Bristolian poet, who likes to write on music, love, art and keeping human in a damaged and damaging world. He’s a member of Lansdown Poets, hosts SPEL alt poetry and acoustic music open mic, and co-hosts the Berkeley Square Poetry Revue. He has read at Colston Hall, Bristol, and at the Edinburgh Fringe.  His poems have been shown as films at the Cheltenham Poetry festival and other film events. 

Tim recently published a collection ‘Lament For Gaia’ on global warming and has been published in five anthologies. He has recorded a CD of his poems ‘Soundings’, and his poems put to his own music ‘Soundscapes’.


Poetry event in honour of late Anthony Jones: Rockhoppers, Peter J Jones and Robert Walton 

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Saturday 15:00 Mark Waghorn Design “Reading Room”
Rockhoppers in Cardiff

Poetry event in honour of the late Anthony Jones

Book Ticket: £5
With the Rockhoppers (Mel Perry, Jackie Biggs, Maggie Harris and Anne Marie Butler), Peter J Jones from Llansteffan, and Robert Walton from Bristol

Aclysur barddoniaeth er clod I’r diweddar Anthony Jones Gyda’r Rockhoppers (Mel Perry, Jackie Biggs, Maggie Harris ac Anne Marie Butler), Peter Jones o Lansteffan a Robert Walton o Fryste.

A poetry session with Llansteffan poet Peter J Jones, Robert Walton and The Rockhoppers: Anne Marie Butler, Jackie Biggs, Maggie Harris and Mel Perry

The Rockhoppers is a group of four poets based in west Wales. Annie, Jackie, Maggie and Mel are four strong distinctive individual poetic voices. They also work well together and collaborate to produce innovative and sometimes surreal pieces for performance. They have a strange and unexplained affiliation to small penguins.

Grŵp o bedwar bardd sy’n byw yng ngorllewin Cymru yw’r Rockhoppers. Mae  Annie, Jackie, Maggie a Mel yn bedwar llais barddol unigryw. Maent hefyd yn cyd-weithio’n dda gan gynhyrchu gwaith arloesol, weithiau’n swrreal, i’w perfformio. Mae ganddynt gysylltiad rhyfedd anesboniadwy gyda phengwiniaid.

Follow them on Facebook:

Dilynwch nhw ar Facebook:

Peter J. Jones was born in Llanelli in 1945 and has worked in the public sector and overseas in the mining and oil industries. Since 1984, he has lived in the Llansteffan area where in the last few years he has resumed painting again. His paintings have been shown in solo exhibitions at leading galleries in Wales and Ireland. His university studies include education and Anglo-Welsh literature.

A Fox in the Yard is a remarkable sequence of poems centred around an enduring and hard-earned sense of place, combined with a deep respect of the natural world, its mysteries and our perception of them.

Ganed Peter J Jones yn Llanelli yn 1945 ac mae e’ wedi gweithio yn y sector gyhoeddus a thramor yn y diwydiannau glo ac olew. Ers 1984 mae e’ wedi byw yn ardal Llansteffan ac yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf mae wedi dechrau peintio unwaith yn rhagor. Arddangoswyd ei beintiadau mewn arddangosfeydd yn orielau pwysig yng Nghymru ac Iwerddon. Mae ei astudion brifysgol yn cynnwys llenyddiaeth Eingl-gymreig.

Mae ‘A Fox in the Yard’ yn gyfres ryfeddol o gerddi sydd â’i gwreiddiau mewn synnwyr cadarn o le gyda pharch dwfn tuag at y byd naturiol, ei dirgelion a’n dirnadaeth ohonynt.

Born in Cardiff in 1948, Robert Walton’s first collection of poems, Workings, won the Welsh Arts Council New Poet Award in 1978 but, for reasons which are still a mystery to him, he stopped writing for almost twenty years. Robert resumed writing in the late 90s, initially working with artists in other media music, dance, storytelling, film and installation. His poetry pamphlet, Waiting for the Wave, was published by Pighog Press in 2012. He has co-wr tten two plays for Inkling Productions Labyrinth (2012) and Green Shoots (2014). He is a member of the poetry workshop and performance group, The Spoke, which regularly presents its work in Bristol Poetry Festival, and is an experienced reader of his work.


Cafodd Robert Walton ei eni yng Nghaerdydd yn 1948 ac enillodd ei gasgliad cyntaf o gerddi, ‘Workings’ Wobr Bardd Newydd Cyngor y Celfyddydau yn 1978 ond, am resymau sy’n ddirgelwch iddo ef ei hunan ni ysgrifennodd ddim am ugain mlynedd, Ail gydiodd ynddi yn y 90au hwyr, gan weithio yn y lle cyntaf gydag artistiaid mewn cyfryngau eraill, cerdd, dawns, adrodd chwedlau, ffilm a gosodiadau. Cyhoeddwyd ei bamffled, ‘Waiting for the Wave’ gan Wasg Pighog yn 2012. Mae wedi cyd-ysgrifennu dwy ddrama aer gyfer Inkling Productions sef ‘Labyrinth’ (2012) a ‘Green Shoots’ (2014). Mae’n aelod o weithdy barddoniaeth a grŵp perfformio, ‘The Spoke’ sy’n cyflwyno’i waith yn rheolaidd yng Ngŵyl Barddoniaeth Bryste, ac mae’n ddarllenwr profiadol o’i waith ei hun.

Here are some comments from audience members after The Rockhoppers’  gig at The Brown’s in Laugharne:

Dyna rhai sylwadau gan aelodau o gynulleidfa yn Nhalacharn ar ôl perfformiad gan y Rockhoppers:

‘Surreal, musical, sublime!’

‘They play off each other very well’

‘Excellent, varied’

‘Lovely mix of styles, very amusing’

and at Rhosygilwen:

ac yn Rhosygilwen:

“The Rockhoppers do something different – they grab the audience’s attention, so that we’re alert, eager to listen – and want to keep listening. Very clever, in fact.”

“It was great seeing the Rockhoppers – it really works. The whole concept adds something to poetry reading – livens it up, without distracting from the writing.”

Anne Marie Butler

Annie worked as a civil servant. Her career brought her to west Wales where studied Fine Art and Design. She now works as a landscape artist and fulltime writer. Her work has been published in various anthologies and in 2017 she won the R.S.Thomas Poetry Prize. Her debut collection is due to be published by Three Throated Press.  Her written work is often off- beat and deals directly with the rural landscape and people who inspire her. She likes birds best.

Gweithiodd Annie fel gwas sifil. Daeth a’i gyrfa â hi i orllewin Cymru ac yna astudiodd y celfyddydau cain a dylunio. Mae hi nawr yn gweithio fel tirlunwraig ac ysgrifen wraig amser llawn. Cyhoeddwyd ei gwaith mewn nifer o ddetholiadau ac yn 2017 enillodd Wobr Barddoniaeth R.S.Thomas. Cyn hir caiff ei chasgliad cyntaf ei gyhoeddi gan Three Throated Press. Mae ei gwaith ysgrifenedig yn aml yn wahanol ac yn ymwneud yn uniongyrchol â’r tirlun gwledig a’r bobl y’n ei hysbrydoli. Mae’n well ganddi adar:

Jackie Biggs

After a successful career as a journalist and editor, Jackie Biggs started writing poetry seriously six years ago.  Her first collection, The Spaces in Between was published in September 2015 by Pinewood Press (Swansea). She has also had poetry published in many magazines and anthologies. She’s co-organiser of The Cellar Bards in Cardigan and  reads her work at spoken word events all over west

Yn dilyn gyrfa lwyddiannus fel newyddiadurwraig a golygydd, dechreuodd Jackie Biggs farddoni o ddifri’ chew mlynedd yn ôl. Cyhoeddwyd ei chasgliad cyntaf, The Spaces in between ym mis Medi 2015 gan Pinewood Press (Abertawe). Yn ogystal cyhoeddwyd ei barddoniaeth mewn nifer o gylchgronau a detholiadau. Mae hi’n gyd-drefnydd ‘The Cellar Bards’ yn Aberteifi ac yn darllen ei gwaith mewn achlysuron llafar ar draws gorllewin Cymru. Cyswllt: :

Maggie Harris

Maggie Harris writes poetry and prose. Caribbean roots and Kentish shoots now growing in west Wales. Proper jobs have included teaching Creative Writing and an International Fellowship at Southampton University. Maggie has won the Guyana Prize twice for poetry and the Commonwealth Prize for a short story. Now loiters in gardens and cafes and anywhere that accepts poets.

Mae Maggie Harris yn ysgrifennu barddoniaeth a rhyddiaith. Gwreiddiau o’r Caribî a blagur o Gaint yn tyfu yng ngorllewin Cymru. Mae ei swyddi go iawn yn cynnwys dysgu Ysgrifennu Creadigol a Chymrodoriaeth Ryngwladol ym mhrifysgol Southampton. Enillodd Maggie Wobr Guyana dwywaith am farddoniaeth a Gwobr y Gymanwlad am stori fer. Mae hi nawr yn loetran mewn gerddi a chaffis ac mewn unrhyw le sy’n derbyn beirdd.

Mel Perry                                         

Mel is a writer and spoken word performer from Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire, and is a frequent visitor to the north Wales island of Bardsey. She is a regular performer at spoken word events and is a member of the Coracle- Kultivera residency in Tranås, Sweden through which she is co-delivering writing workshops on line for Swedish young people.  Her poetry and short stories appear in a range of publications including Two Thirds North from Stockholm University. In 2016 she collaborated with Carmarthen Symphonic Wind Band to perform her Bardsey poetry to music. Mel is now also studying for an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.

Mae Mel yn ysgrifen wraig a pherfformiwr llafar o Lansteffan, Sir Gaerfyrddin ac mae’n ymwelydd cyson ag Ynys Enlli yng  ngogledd Cymru. Mae hi’n perfformio’n gyson mewn achlysuron llafar ac yn aelod o breswylfa Coracle- Kultivera yn Tranås, Sweden ble mae hi’n cyd-gyflwyno gweithdai ysgrifennu i bobl ifanc o Sweden. Ymddengys ei barddoniaeth a’i straeon byrion mewn nifer o gyhoeddiadau gan gynnwys Two Thirds North gan brifysgol Stockholm. Yn 2016 cydweithiodd gyda Band Chwyth Symffonig Caerfyrddin I berfformio ei barddoniaeth Ynys Enlli I gerddoriaeth. Mae Mel ar hyn o bryd yn astudio am radd MSc mewn Ysgrifennu Creadigol at Ddibenion Therapiwtig.

Llandovery Writers event: Life: Can You Cut It?

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Life: Can You Cut It?          Sunday 29th April, 16:00 Angel Inn                                                          

Writing To Make Readers Care

Book Ticket: £5   

Learning how to write so that readers are truly hooked is the theme of Llandovery Writers – an open, ongoing writing course whose members produce novels and short stories. Jacquie Hyde, Sara Fox, Pete Barker, Stella Starnes and others will be reading from their collection ‘Life’ and other flash fiction, and chatting with tutor David Thorpe and the audience about the process of learning how to write fiction that makes readers keep reading. More info:

David Thorpe at the Hay Festival


Ysgrifennu i ddal sylw darllenwyr

Dysgu sut i ysgrifennu i gydio  mewn diddordeb darllenwyr yw thema Awduron Llanymddyfri – cwrs ysgrifennu agored, parhaus. Y mae ei aelodau wedi cynhyrchu nofelau a straeon byrion. Bydd Jacqui Hyde, Sara Fox, Pete Barker, Stella Starnes ac eraill yn darllen o’u casgliad, “Life” ac yn sgwrsio gyda’u hathro David Thorpe a’r gynulleidfa am y broses o ddysgu sut i ysgrifennu ffuglen sy’n gorfodi darllenwyr i barhau i ddarllen. Am ragor o wybodaeth:

Spoken Word Llanelli in Llandeilo

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Spoken Word Llanelli in Llandeilo – Sunday 29th April 14:30 Mark Waghorn Designs “Reading Room”

Book Tickets: £5

MEET UP, LISTEN UP, SPEAK UP with Spoken Word Saturday in the Ffwrnes Theatre in Llanelli. If you like storytelling, Poetry, creative writing, beatbox, rap, original music or just meeting new people, well Spoken Word Saturday is for you! Please pop in to Mark Waghorn Designs “Reading Room” and listen Up to artists exploring or get up and speak up as part of The Llandeilio Lit Festival 2018.

Musical intervals by Fiddlebox.

if you would like to book a floor spot please email:

Gair llafar Llanelli  yn Llandeilo – Dydd Sul 29ain Ebrill 14.30 Dyluniadau Mark Waghorn “Ystafell Ddarllen”

Cyfarfyddwch, Gwrandewch a Siaradwch ar Sadwrn Y Gair Llafar yn Theatr Ffwrnes, Llanelli. Os ydych yn hoffi dweud storïau, barddoniaeth, ysgrifennu creadigol, rap, cerddoriaeth wreiddiol neu gwrdd â phobl newydd, wel dewch i’r Gair Llafar. Croeso I chi alw yn “Ystafell Ddarllen” Dyluniadau Mark Waghorn I wrando ar artistiaid yn archwilio neu codwch ar eich traed a siarad fel rhan o Gwyl Lên Llandeilo 2018.

DIY media vs MSM- the new media revolution in Wales

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Saturday April 28th 16:30 at Mark Waghorn Designs “Reading Room”

DIY media vs MSM- the new media revolution in Wales

Book Tickets: Free

A discussion on the alternative future of the media and how people in Wales are ploughing their own furrows. Does the UK & Welsh MSM marginalise, ignore or misconstrue Welsh life, culture and matters.

Nia Medi, journalist with BBC Radio Cymru will chair the discussion with Grug Muse of Stamp poetry magazine, Ifan Morgan Jones, founder of the Nation Cymru news website; Dr Dan Evans, founder and presenter of the Desolation Radio podcasts and a representative of arts website the Wales Arts Review.

Ydy’r cyfryngau confensiynol yn colli eu tir a fawr ddim o’r Gymru go iawn yn cael ei hadlewyrchu ganddynt? Dyma drafodaeth gan ddyrnaid o Gymry heriol sydd yn torri cwysi eu hun drwy gymorth y cyfryngau newydd.

Bydd Grug Muse, Ifan Morgan Jones, Dr Dan Evans, a chyrychiolydd o gwefan Wales Arts Review a yn trafod hyn oll gyda’r newyddiadurwraig o BBC Cymru, Nia Medi wrth y llyw



Carol Lovekin: Genre, Ghosts & the Gothic

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Carol Lovekin: Genre, Ghosts & the Gothic – Saturday 28th April 11:30 at Mark Waghorn Designs “Reading Room”

Book Tickets: £5

The author of the award winning “Ghostbird” presents her new book“Snow Sisters” and talks about genre, ghosts and the gothic.

Snow Sisters: Two sisters, an old house and Angharad a girl who cannot leave.

Praise for the book:

A stunning work of literary fiction wrapped around a ghost story – Kendra Olson

I think the author has created a new genre, the lyrical Gothic – Eve Merrick-Williams

A book that defies genre … literary fiction, with magical realism and feminism. I was unprepared for the exquisiteness of the authors writing, the glorious prose and the poetic and lyrical nature of the wording – Leah Moyse

Carol Lovekin is a feminist and a flâneuse. She writes contemporary fiction laced with Welsh Gothic exploring family relationships between sisters, and mothers and daughters. Her work has been described as ‘lyrical’ and ‘spellbinding.’ She drinks a lot of tea.

Twitter: @carollovekin


Carol Lovekin: Genre, Ghosts & the Gothic

Bydd awdur y nofel “Ghostbird” a enillodd glod mawr yn cyflwyno’i llyfr newydd “Snow Sisters” ac yn trafod dulliau, ysbrydion a’r gothig.

Snow Sisters: Dwy chwaer mewn hen dŷ ac AngharadTwo sisters, an old house and Angharad, merch nid yw’n medru gadael.

Canmoliaeth i’r llyfr:

Gwaith ffuglen lenyddol syfrdanol wedi ei weu o gwmpas stori ysbryd – Kendra Olson

Rwy’n credo bod yr awdur wedi creu ffurf newydd, gothig telynegol –  Eve Merrick-Williams

Mae Carol Lovekin yn ffeminydd a flâneuse. Mae hi’n ysgrifennu ffuglen gyfoes gyda rhywfaint o Othig Cymreig ac yn archwilio perthnasau rhwng chwiorydd a mamau a’i merched. Disgrifiwyd ei gwaith fel ‘telynegol’ a ‘chyfareddol.’ Mae hi’n yfed llawer o de. Trydar: @carollovekin


Tim Hartley on “Kicking off in North Korea”

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Tim Hartley on “Kicking off in North Korea” – Saturday 28th of April 13:00 – Mark Waghorn Designs “Reading Room”‘

Book Ticket: £8

Actor and writer Geraint Lewis in conversation with the author Tim Hartley.
This is a book for anyone who has an interest not just in football and travel, but in people. In it we find contemporary history and reportage. Football fans will recognise the wider context of the beautiful game and seasoned travellers will smirk as they recognise themselves in awkward, alien situations.

Tim Hartley ar “Kicking off in North Korea”

Dyma lyfr i rai sydd â diddordeb, nid yn unig ym mhêl droed a theithio, ond ym mhobl. Ynddo cawn hanes cyfoes ac adroddiadau. Bydd dilynwyr pêl droed yn adnabod cyd-destun ehangach y gêm brydferth a bydd teithwyr profiadol yn crechwenu wrth iddynt adnabod eu hunain mewn sefyllfaoedd lletchwith, anghyfarwydd. 


Originally from Tregaron, Ceredigion, actor and writer Geraint Lewis has been writing professionally since 1984 for television, radio and theatre. 

His most recent theatre piece was performed in the Tafwyl Festival 2014, namely ‘Perci/Parciau’ (Dirty Protest).

His second novel, Daw Eto Haul (Carreg Gwalch), was long listed for the Academi Welsh Book of the Year in 2004. Since 1981 he has also acted professionally in numerous productions, including the part of DS Carwyn Phillips in the detective series Heliwr/A Mind to Kill and appearing in ‘Y Gwyll/Hinterland’, ‘Rownd a Rownd’, ‘Under Milk Wood’, ‘Gwaith/Cartref’


Yn wreiddiol o Dregaron, Ceredigion, mae’r actor ac awdur Geraint Lewis wedi bod yn ysgrifennu’n broffesiynol i’r teledu, radio a theatr ers 1984.

Perfformiwyd ei waith diweddaraf yng ngŵyl Tafwyl yn 2014, sef ‘Perci/Parciau’ (Dirty Protest).

Rhoddwyd ei ail nofel, Daw Eto Haul (Carreg Gwalch) ar restr hir am wobr Lyfr y Flwyddyn yr Academi yn 2004. Ers 1981 mae wedi actio’n broffesiynol mewn nifer o gynyrchiadau gan gynnwys rhan DS Carwyn Phillips yn y gyfres dditectif “Heliwr/ A Mind to Kill” ac ymddangosodd yn “Y Gwyll/ Hinterland”, “Rownd a Rownd”, “Dan y Wenallt” a “Gwaith Cartref”.