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Llandovery Writers Event: Life: Can You Cut It? Writing To Make Readers Care

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Llandovery Writers Event: Life: Can You Cut It? Writing To Make Readers Care Sunday 16:00 Angel Inn     

Book Tickets: £5 

Jacquie Hyde, Sara Fox, Pete Barker, Stella Starnes and others will be reading from their collection ‘Life’ with tutor David Thorpe

Ysgrifennu i ddal sylw darllenwyr

Bydd Jacqui Hyde, Sara Fox, Pete Barker, Stella Starnes ac eraill yn darllen o’u casgliad, “Life” ac yn sgwrsio gyda’u hathro David Thorpe

Adventures in the Book Trade

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Jeff townJeff Towns on being an itinerant Bookseller 

Book Tickets: £8

An illustrated ramble through the History of Dylans Bookstore from its inauspicious  small beginnings in 1970 at 75 High Street Swansea ( rent 10 shillings a week) through years of itinerant bookselling at Book Fairs in London and all around the Uk and then  on to Canada, USA, Malta and Amsterdam . With references to famous and infamous customers – Mick Jagger, President Jimmy Carter. Mandy Rice Davies, Sir Peter Blake, Ian McKellen, Oliver Sacks et al . Ending with the reincarnation as a proper itinerant outfit with the establishment of Dylans Mobile Bookstore. Along the way Jeff Towns has edited and written a few books mainly relating to Dylan Thomas – which earned him the nick name “That Dylan Guy”


Jeff Towns yn siarad am ei brofiad fel gwerthwr llyfrau teithiol.

Mae Jeff Towns yn un o arbenigwyr mwya’r byd ar Dylan Thomas. Mae’n gwerthu hen lyfrau ac yn byw yn nhref y bardd sef Abertawe. Yn wreiddiol roedd Jeff yn adnabyddus fel ‘Jeff y Llyfrau’, bellach fe’i hadweinir fel ‘Y Bachan Dylan Thomas’.


Jeff Towns is one of the world’s leading Dylan Thomas experts. An antiquarian bookdealer by trade, based in the poet’s home-town of Swansea, Jeff was originally known, both locally & globally, as ‘Jeff the Books’. He is now known simply, affectionately and professionally as ‘The Dylan Thomas Guy’.


‘Merci Cymru’ – Tim Hartley

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TimHartleyTim Hartley: “Merci Cymru” – Saturday 28th of April 18:30 Angel Inn

Book Ticket: £8

Do, fe aeth Cymru i Ffrainc i gystadlu ym Mhencampwriaeth Pêl-droed Ewrop. Aethon nhw mor bell â’r rownd gynderfynol. Ond beth oedd ystyr yr holl beth?

Mae “Merci Cymru” yn gasgliad o atgofion a lluniau sy’n dathlu a chofio llwyddiant tîm pêl-droed Cymru yn Euro 2016. Mae’n cynnwys cyfraniadau gan gefnogwyr, sylwebyddion a doethinebwyr.

Mae Iola Wyn yn ysgrifennu am yr effaith ar ei theulu ifanc o fod oddi cartref am fis. Mae’r newyddiadurwr chwaraeon Dylan Ebenezer yn mynd tu ôl i’r llenni ym mhencadlys tîm Cymru ac mae’r Athro Laura McAllister yn awgrymu y dylai llwyddiant ar y maes chwarae galonogi’n gwleidyddion a’r gymdeithas ddinesig Gymreig.

Chair: Dafydd Rhys

Yes, Wales went to France for the European Football Championship. They actually got the semi-final. But what did it all mean?

“Merci Cymru” is a collection of memoirs and photographs to celebrate and commemorate the success of the Welsh football team in Euro 2016. It includes contributions from fans, commentators and pundits.

Iola Wyn writes about what the month away from home meant to her young family.

Sports journalist Dylan Ebenezer goes behind the scenes at the Wales team HQ and

Professor Laura McAllister suggests that success on the field of play should embolden our politicians and Welsh civic society.

Here are some reviews.

“Perthyn naws dyddiadur ac albwm lluniau teulol i’r gyfrol, ac mae’r cyfuniad hwn yn creu darlun byw o’r profiad o weld Cymru’n hawlio ei lle haeddiannol ar flaen y llwyfan rhyngwladol. Mae cyfraniad Laura McAllister, cyn-gapten tim pel-droed merched Cymru a chwareodd 24 o weithiau i’w gwlad, yn serennu.Yn gyfuniad o gofnod personol teimladwy a dadansoddiad treiddgar, mae’n pwysleisio’r angen am adeiladu ar lwyddiant yr Ewros, nid yn unig ym maes chwaraeon ond yn ehangach. ‘Rhaid i ni ddefnyddio ein llwyddiant ar y cae pel-droed fel catalydd i newid ein delwedd ohonon ni’n hunain, yn ogystal a’r ffordd mae pobol eraill yn ein gweld ni fel cenedl.”– Annes Glynn, Cylchgrawn Barn

“Mae ol gwaith meddwl golygyddol ac mae pob pennod yn cyfrannu rhywbeth gwahanol: profiad personol Iola Wyn, llygad at y gorffennol gan Gwyn Jenkins, cipolwg y tu ol i’r llenni yn Dinard, Llydaw gan Dylan Ebenezer, a thrafodaeth am chwaraeon mewn cyd-destun ehangach gan Laura McAllister.”– Garmon Ceiro, Cylchgrawn Golwg

“Daeth twrnament yr Ewro a’r Cymry Cymraeg a’r di-Gymraeg ynghyd fel unwlad, pawb yn gefn i ymdrechion ei tim cenedlaethol. Mynnwch ddarllen y llyfr ar bob cyfrif.”– John Morris, Y Clawdd

Ffion Dafis: Syllu ar Walia

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Sunday 12:00 Angel Inn Ffion Dafis: Syllu ar Walia

Book Tickets: £5

Bydd y ddarlledwraig, a’r actores, Ffion Dafis yn darllen o’i llyfr Syllu ar Walia, ei chyfrol wych cyntaf a wnaeth argraff fawr yn 2017.

Chair: Gaynor Jones

Ffion Dafis reads from her imagined biography a collection of fact, fiction, musings and imagination.

Session in Welsh


Wales as a backdrop to fiction 

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Saturday 17:00 Angel Inn:  Wales as a backdrop to fiction 

Book Tickets: £5 The Silent Quarry 2018

Panel Discussion with local authors Nigel Williams, Colin R. Parsons, Cheryl Reese-Price. Moderator: Jean Gill.
Cymru fel lleoliad mewn ffuglen- Trafodaeth

Trafodaeth banel gydag awduron lleol Nigel Williams, Colin R Parsons a Cheryl Reese-Price gyda Jean Gill yn y gadair.

Colin R. Parsons was born in the Rhondda Valley in south Wales, and has lived there all my life. He’s been a full-time writer for about fifteen years and writes in many genres: Science Fiction – Fantasy – Supernatural – Steam Punk & Mythical Fantasy.

Ganed Colin Parsons yng nghwm Rhondda yn ne Cymru ac mae wedi byw yno ar hyd ei oes. Mae wedi body n ysgrifennwr llawn amser am tua phymtheg mlynedd ac mae’n ysgrifennu mewn nifer o genres: Ffuglen Wyddonol, Ffantasi, Yr uwch-naturiol a Ffantasi Mytholegol. Enw’I lyfr newydd i blant yn 2018 yw ‘Ghosted’. Gosodir y llyfr yng nghwm Rhondda

His website/ Ei wefan:

Blurb for GHOSTED:

Four Welsh school children: Megan, Carol, John and Alan have unknowingly released the spirit of an evil headmaster – imprisoned in the bowels of the school for two hundred years.

Broliant GHOSTED

Mae pedwar o blant ysgol, Megan, Carol, John ac Alan, yn ddiarwybod iddynt wedi rhyddhau ysbryd prifathro drwg sydd wedi cael ei garcharu ym mherfeddion yr ysgol am ddau gan mlynedd.

Cheryl Rees-Price: 

Frozen Minds:

Bethesda House is a haven for vulnerable adults, those with complex mental disabilities. Their safety is dependent on those who care for them, and their wellbeing centres on routine.

When a body is discovered in the freezer at Bethesda House it is easy to shift the blame on the residents.  Inside the house, they see and hear everything.

Who would believe them?

DI Winter Meadows is convinced that something sinister is going on in Bethesda House and the residents are not safe. First, he must gain their trust and understand their unique form of communication.

A second killing and time is running out.

Can Meadows outwit a cunning and dangerous killer?


‘I really enjoyed this book. I could not put it down. I have been waiting to read the second book in the Meadows series. It did not disappoint. It is one of the best I have read in ages.’ Helen

Trafodaeth ar Gymru mewn Ffuglen: Cheryl Rees-Price

Broliant ‘Frozen Minds’

Mae Tŷ Bethesda yn lloches i oedolion bregus, rhai sydd ag anableddau meddyliol cymhleth. Mae Di Winter Meadows yn argyhoeddedig bod rhywbeth sinister yn cymryd lle yn Nhŷ Bethesda ac nad yw’r trigolion yn ddiogel. Yn gyntaf rhaid iddo ennill eu hymddiried a deal eu ffordd unigryw o gyfathrebu. Gall Meadows fod yn gyfrwysach na llofrudd peryglus a chyfrwys?

 Beth mae pobl yn dweud am ‘Frozen Minds’

‘Cyfres arbennig. Rwy’n dwli ar y gyfres hon! Mae’r ail ran yn anodd ei roi i lawr’ Brianna Bowen.

Nigel Williams:

Set in the Swansea Valley, EDEN RELICS featured a retired police officer drawn into the search for ancient relics discovered a century earlier by the opera diva Adelina Patti. It sold over 3,500 downloads and paperback copiesin the first month.



The screenplay is currently with a production company but whether it will ever see the small screen is another matter. Royalties from this book are donated to the British Heart Foundation.  

FAKE BAKED – a crime comedy about a small-time Cardiff con man dreaming of pulling the ultimate scam. The story was based on the cons of a real hustler called Victor Lustig. Lustig sold the Eifel Tower to Parisian scrap dealers, not once but twice. He somehow managed to convince them the tower was due for demolition at the turn of the last century and got away with it. My protagonist uses the same con by trying to sell the old Severn Bridge.

 The Iron Masters of Merthyr- Fact and Fiction.

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 The Iron Masters of Merthyr- Fact and Fiction. – Saturday April 28th 15:00 Angel Inn

Book Tickets: £8

In the 18th Century five men created the biggest industrial city civilisation had ever seen. They were the Iron Masters, masters of metal and men. Their cannons saved a kingdom, forged the greatest empire in the world and changed the history of the human race.

Merthyr Tydfil, a town where the furnaces burned day and night, the sun seldom pierced the soot filled sky and the Iron Masters ruled without pity.

Nye Vaughn, a humble farm boy from Llangadog, walked to Merthyr to find his destiny, unaware that a war was coming which would engulf the known world and make bold men rich. To fight Bonaparte, Britain needed cannons, thousands of them. Vaughn built the largest foundry of them all and made his fortune but, when the world changed, the iron behemoth he constructed turned on him.

Author Graham Watkins surprises and entertains with the real stories behind his Welsh historical novel ‘The Iron Masters’.

Yn y 18fed Ganrif creodd pum dyn y ddinas ddiwylliannol fwyaf a welodd wareiddiad erioed. Nhw oedd y Meistri Haearn, meistri ar fetel a dynion. Achubodd eu gynnau mawrion deyrnas, creu’r ymerodraeth fwyaf yn y byd a newid hanes dynol ryw .

Roedd Merthyr Tudful yn dref lle’r oedd y ffwrnesi’n llosgi ddydd a nos a’r haul yn methu torri trwy’r caddug yn yr awyr a lle’r oedd y Meistri Haearn yn rheoli’n ddidrugaredd.

Cerddodd Nye Vaughn, crwt fferm o Langadog, i Ferthyr i chwilio am ei ffortiwn heb wybod fod rhyfel ar fin dod y byddai’n traflyncu’r byd a chreu cyfoeth i ddynion dewr. Er mwyn ymladd yn erbyn Bonaparte roedd angen gynnau mawrion, miloedd ohonynt. Adeiladodd Vaughn y ffowndri fwyaf oll a gwnaeth ei ffortiwn ond, wrth i’r byd newid, fe drodd y behemoth a greodd arno.

Mae’r awdur Graham Watkins yn diddori ac yn synnu gyda’r straeon gwir sydd tu ôl i’w nofel hanesyddol ‘The Iron Masters’.

Psychopaths in Literature

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Psychopaths in Literature – Saturday 28th April 11:30 Angel Inn

Book Ticket: £5

South Wales crime fiction writers GB Williams, John Thompson and John Nicholl in a panel discussion about their most evil characters. Moderator: Thorne Moore.

Seicopathiaid mewn Llenyddiaeth, Ffrainc, Sbaen

Bydd awduron nofelau ditectif o Dde Cymru, GB Williams, John Thompson a John Nicholl yn trafod eu cymeriadau mwyaf aflan.

Gail Wiliams

GB Williams specialises in complex, fast-paced crime novels, book one of the Locked Series, “Locked Up”, was released in 2017, “Locked In” publishes in Feb 2018, and “Locked Down” is due in Autumn 2018.  GB was shortlisted for the 2014 CWA Margery Allingham Short Story Competition with the story Last Shakes, now available in Last Cut Casebook. Crime novels are her stock in trade, but she has had success with short stories in other genres including steampunk, horror, and erotica.  She has also penned her debut steampunk novel, she launched in September 2017.  And she hates every photo ever taken of her. Find out more at

John Nicholl, an ex-police officer, child protection social worker and lecturer, has written six darkly psychological suspense thrillers, each of which has been an Amazon international bestseller, reaching # 1 in multiple categories in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the USA. John reached # 10 of all books on Amazon in Australia  and has been awarded three Amazon All-Star awards for being one of the 25 most read authors in the UK.

John is happily married, lives in rural West Wales, and has three adult children and one grandchild. He began writing after leaving his job heading up child protection services for Carmarthenshire.

He is represented by Toby Mundy – Literary agent at TMA.

You can find out more about John and his books at:

John Thompson was born in the district of Eton in 1942, and attended Windsor Grammar School, graduated in 1965 from the University of Aberdeen with an Honours Degree in History. He followed this by reading for an M.A. in American History at the College of William and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated – tempestuous times!

John eventually became side-tracked into Law and spent the next two decades as a practising barrister.

John has always been a voracious reader. John has an abiding interest in the human psyche, having studied Psychology as a minor subject in his first degree, while twenty years of practice in divorce and criminal law exposed him to every aspect of the human mind!

John has won awards from the National Association of Writers’ Groups and been short-listed several times in other competitions, notably those contained in Writing Magazine, which John would recommend to any aspiring writer.

Moderator: Crime novelist Thorne Moore

The Brindavan Chronicle: Genesis was published in June 2015 – in which a charismatic man uses his charm to bend the will of others to his own purpose. The real interest in such a situation is not that the gullible and guileless can be taken in by such a man, but how they respond when they manage to see through the veil of delusion.


Seicopathiaid mewn Llenyddiaeth, Ffrainc, Sbaen

Bydd awduron nofelau ditectif o Dde Cymru, GB Williams, John Thompson a John Nicholl yn trafod eu cymeriadau mwyaf aflan.

Mae GB Williams yn arbenigo mewn llyfrau ditectif cymhleth sy’n symud yn gyflym Cyhoeddwyd y llyfr cyntaf yn y gyfres, “Locked,” sef “Locked Up” yn 2017, cyhoeddir “Locked In” ym mis Chwefror 2018 a disgwylir “Locked Down” yn Hydref 2018. Rhoddwyd GB ar restr fer cystadleuaeth straeon byrion Margery Allingham yn 2014 am ei stori, “Last Shakes.” Straeon ditectif yw ei harbenigedd ond cafodd lwyddiant hefyd gyda straeon byrion mewn ffurfiau eraill gan gynnwys arswyd ac erotica. Cewch mwy o wybodaeth ar

Cyn heddwas yw John Nicholl, gweithiwr cymdeithasol a darlithydd ac mae wedi ysgrifennu chwe nofel seicolegol gyffrous ac roedd pob un yn un o lyfrau mwyaf llwyddiannus Amazon gan gyrraedd ҂1 mewn nifer o gategorïau yn y Deyrnas Unedig, Ffrainc a Sbaen a derbyniodd tair gwobr seren Amazon am fod yn un o’r 25 awdur mwyaf poblogaidd yn y DU.

Dechreuodd John ysgrifennu ar ôl gadae ei swydd fel pennaeth gwasanaethau amddiffyn plant yn Sir Gaerfyrddin

Caiff ei gynrychioli ganToby Mundy, gweithredwr llenyddol TMA

Cewch mwy o wybodaeth am John a’I lyfrau ar

Ganed John Thompson yn ardal Eton yn 1942 a bu’n ddisgybl yn ysgol ramadeg Windsor a graddiodd o brifysgol Aberdeen gydag anrhydedd mewn hanes. Dilynodd hyn gan ddarllen  am MA mewn hanes America.

Cafodd John ei ddenu gan y gyfraith a threuliodd y ddwy ddegawd nesaf yn fargyfreithiwr.

Mae John  wedi bod yn ddarllenwr brwd erioed. Mae ganddo ddiddordeb parhao mewn eneidiau dynol, wedi astudio seicoleg fel rhan o’i radd gyntaf tra bod ugain mlynedd yn ymwneud ag ysgariad a throsedd wedi ei gyflwyno i bob agwedd o’r meddwl dynol.

Enillodd John wobrau gan Gymdeithas Genedlaethol Grwpiau Awduron a chafodd ei roi ar y rhestr fer nifer o weithiau mewn cystadlaethau eraill, yn enwedig y rhai hynny a gynhaliwyd gad “Writing Magazine.”

Cyhoeddwyd “The Brindavan Chronicle: Genesis” ym Mehefin 2015. Ynddo ceir ddyn carismatig sy’n defnyddio’i swyn fel bod pobl yn gwneud yr hyn a ddymuna.

An evening of Stand Up Comedy with Noel James

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Stand-up comedy with Noel James – Friday 21:00 at the Angel Inn


An evening of stand-up comedy with the popular comedy performer and writer from Swansea Valley.

For eight years, Noel has performed comedy throughout the UK. He does it for a living and has performed at all the major clubs and festivals. Glastonbury, Reading, Edinburgh to name but three.

Surreal, bizarre, absurd, intelligent, and yet, somehow strangely attractive. No, seriously he is a very accessible act who generally goes down well anywhere.

“Liberates the lunatic side to our personalities – brilliantly!” – Time Out

“Stands out like a droll giant in a comedy land of trite dwarfs” – The Independent

Noson gomedi gyda Noel James – Nos Wener 21.00yh yn Nhafarn yr Angel.

Noson o gomedi gyda’r awdur a digrifwr poblogaidd o Gwm Tawe.

Ers with mlynedd mae Noel wedi perfformio ar draws y Deyrnas Unedig. Dyma’I fywoliaeth ac mae e’ wedi perfformio ym mhob clwb a gŵyl; Ynys Wydrin, Reading a Chaeredin i enwi dim ond tair.

Swrreal, rhyfedd, gwirion, deallus ac eto yn hynod ddeniadol. Na, o ddifri’ mae’n berfformiwr hawdd myn ato sy’n boblogaidd mewn unrhyw le.

TV Credits worth mentioning include:

Ymddangosiadau ar y teledu:

Packing Them in -Channel 4

The Stand-up Show -BBC

Giamocs -S4C

Myfanwy Alexander – Sut ichi yn mynd ati I sgwennu comedi  a nofelau digrif?

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Saturday  April 29th 13:30 Angel InnMyfanwy-Alexander_1001JPG

Myfanwy Alexander – Sut ichi yn mynd ati I sgwennu comedi  a nofelau digrif?

Book Ticket: £8

Sesiwn ddifyr gan un o’r nofelwyr mwyaf doniol sydd yn ysgrifennu yn yr iaith Gymraeg, bydd yn sgwrsio am y grefft o lunio nofel ddigri gyda Heddyr Gregory

Magwyd Myfanwy Alexander yn Sir Drefaldwyn, ac  ar ôl byw ym mhob cornel o Brydain dychwelodd i fagu chwech o ferched mewn tŷ to gwellt ger Llanfair Caereinion. Fel sgwennwr a darlledwr mae wedi cyfrannu i sawl rhaglen radio a theledu, gan gynnwys nifer o gyfresi dychan. Enillodd wobr Sony am y gyfres gomedi The LL Files i Radio Wales yn 1999. Hi yw hanner tîm Cymru ar y Round Britain Quiz ar Radio 4. Cyhoeddwyd ei nofel gyntaf, A Oes Heddwas? yn 2015 ac mae’r Arolygydd Daf Dafis  wedi bod ar drywydd sawl trosedd a dirgelwch ym mherfeddion y canolbarth oddi ar hynny.

Myfanwy Alexander in conversation with Heddyr Gregory about writing comedy and satire. Do you want to know how to go about writing comedy? This is an opportunity to learn more about the skill with one of Wales best satirical writers

Myfanwy Alexander was raised in Montgomeryshire. After living in every corner of Britain she returned to bring up six girls in a thatched house near Llanfair Caereinion. As an author and broadcaster in English and Welsh she has contributed to several radio and television programmes, including a satirical series. She won a Sony award for The LL Files for Radio Wales’s comedy series in 1999 and she is also a member of the Wales team on the Round Britain Quiz on Radio 4. Her first novel, A Oes Heddwas? was published in 2015 and Inspector Daf Dafis has had a number of crimes to solve since then including one in English, located at the Bloody Eisteddfod ! 

Heddyr Gregory has worked in broadcasting and is currently Shelter Cymru’s Media Officer. She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio Cymru’s book review programme Y Silff Lyfrau

Session in WELSH