Anne Signol reads from “Norris and Gertie Gobstopper on the Gwili Railway”

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Anne Signol reads from “Norris & Gertie Gobstopper on the Gwili Railway” – Saturday April 28th 11:00 Eve’s Toy Shop
Anne Signol will be reading from her book and describing the creative writing process and how she collaborated with Scott to produce and sell their popular books for charity causes.

The book:

Norris travels to Carmarthen after a successful trip to Llandudno, to appear in the Victorian Extravaganza. This is the story of Norris the Pantomime Horse, Gertie Gobstopper the Pantomime Dame and their adventures travelling through Wales and on the Gwili Railway.

About the author

Anne Signol started the Sigfield Follies, a song and dance troupe, featuring an actual Norris the Norse character, in order to raise money for local children’s charities. The interest generated in Norris through these shows inspired Anne Signol to write about his adventures and assemble them into a show entitled Norris on Broadway.


Following the reading, illustrator William Scott Artus will hold an illustration workshop at The Flying Goose at 14:30. 


Anne Signol yn darllen o’I llyfr “Norris & Gertie Gobstopper on the Gwili Railway” – Dydd Sadwrn Ebrill 28ain 13.00 yn Eve’s Toy Shop.

Bydd Anne Signol yn darllen o’i llyfr gan ddisgrifio’r broses ysgrifennu creadigol a sut wnaeth hi gydweithio gyda Scott I gynhyrchu a gwerthu eu llyfrau poblogaidd er budd elusennau.

Y LLyfr

Mae Norris yn teithio i Gaerfyrddin yn dilyn taith lwyddiannus i Landudno I ymddangos mewn Strafagansa Fictoraidd. Dyma stori am Norris, y ceffyl pantomeim, Gertie Gobstopper, dynes bantomeim a’i anturiaethau wrth deithio trwy Gymru ar reilffordd y Gwili.

Yr awdur

Dechreuodd Anne Signol y Sigfield Follies, grŵp canu a dawnsio gyda Norris go iawn er mwyn codi arian i elusennau plant lleol. Ysbrydolodd y diddordeb a gynhyrchwyd gan y sioeau Anne Signol I ysgrifennu amdano a’I anturiaethau a’I rhoi mewn sioe o’r enw Norris on Broadway.


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