Llandeilo Christmas Book Fair on Dec 9th – a Mini Lit Fest all over town

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This year’s Christmas Book Fair in Llandeilo is to be held on Dec 9th

Smaller than the April Lit Fest it will capture its spirit, though, with literary events all over town.

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Y cyfle nesaf i gwrdd ag awduron, gwrando arnynt yn darllen a chael copïau o’u llyfrau wedi’u llofnodi bydd ar Ragfyr 9fed

This time the Llandeilo Book Fair will be held in the Shire Hall and in the Horeb Chapel – bringing the authors right into the heart of town.

Y tro hwn cynhelir Ffair Lyfrau Llandeilo yn Neuadd y Sir a Chapel Horeb – dod â’r awduron i galon y dref

Confirmed authors include familiar and new faces:
Mae’r awduron yn cynnwys wynebau cyfarwydd a newydd: Graham Watkins and Wendy White

Kate Glanville, Cheryl Rees-Price, Anne Signol, Alex Martin, James Morgan, Robert Walton, Sam Smith, Colin Parsons, Graham Watkins, Christoph Fischer, Thompson Authors, Judith Arnopp, Angela Fish, David Lewis, Lisa Shambrook, Sarah Jane Butfield, Thorne Moore, William Scott Artus, Judith Barrow, Carol Ann Smith, Jacqueline Jeynes, Jo Hammond, Dafydd Wyn, Nicola Beechsquirrel, Carol Lovekin, JK Samuel, Sally Spedding, Charles Griffin, Kate Murray, Steve Adams, Will MacMillan Jones, Hilary Sheppard
as well as
Parthian Books, Cambria Publishing, Cyfoes and Thunderpoint Publishing.

Yn ogystal â
Llyfrau Parthian Books, Cwmni cyhoeddi Cambria, Cyfoes a Chwmni Cyhoeddi Thunderpoint

There’ll be plenty of readings and events in businesses and locations all over town, making this a mini Lit Fest before Christmas. Due to popular demand we’ll also have another book hunt. book fair

For updates on the programme and the festival locations watch this space.

Bydd digon o ddarlleniadau a digwyddiadau mewn busnesau a lleoliadau ar draws y dref, felly bydd hon yn ŵyl fer cyn Nadolig. O ganlyniad i nifer helaeth o geisiadau a dderbyniwyd, cynhelir helfa lyfrau arall. .

I gael y wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am raglen a lleoliadau’r Ŵyl gwyliwch y safle hwn.

Time table of events:

Flying Goose Quilting:
1 Crescent Road, Llandeilo,  SA19 6HL

Workshop with Nina Vangerow: Make your very own (Explorer’s/Adventurer’s) Booklet
Gweithdy. Gwnewch eich llyfr archwiliwr eich hun



1:45 Illustrator William Scott Artus will be holding na illustration talk and draw session
Gweithdy. Sesiwn o sgwrs a thynnu lluniau gyda darlunydd

Igam Ogam: igam-ogam-001

11:00 Darllenydd Cymreig annisgwyl


Fountain Fine Art Gallery: fountain-fine-art

11:30 Travel writer Jacqueline Jaynes will talk about “Walking the Wye Valley Way” with images about places along the route from the National Library of Wales digital collections from 18th-20th century with well-known artists including Turner and David Cox.
“Cerdded ar hyd Dyffryn Gwy.” Darlith gyda lluniau gan arlunwyr fel Turner a David Cox



Robert Walton will read a selection of poems about music, street life, family and natural creatures with strong feeling, wry humour and sharp observation and some soft acoustic musical accompaniment for one poem on thumb-piano and, naturally, a gentle blues on sax for the title poem.
Cerddi am fiwsig, bywyd stryd a chreaduriaid naturiol, gyda pheth cerddoriaeth



2:15 Carmarthen based author John Thompson will be reading excerpts from Genesis & Nemesis, Vol I & II of the Brindavan Chronicle, and talking about the attraction of the psychological thriller.
Darlleniadau allan o Gronicl Brindavan ynghyd â sgwrs am nofelau cyffrous seicolegol

Indigo Hill: 16603000_1262936170465417_2878234428028880511_n

12:30 Carol Lovekin’s work examines the relationships between women –  sisters, mothers and daughters – threaded with ghosts, Welsh Gothic and magic. She’ll be reading from her new novel ”Snow Sisters” and answer questions.
Darlleniadau allan o waith sy’n archwilio perthnasau rhwng menywod, gydag awgrym o ysbrydion a dewiniaeth



1:45 Thorne Moore: “Dark tales of Llys y Garn.” Thorne Moore reads from her latest novel, “Shadows,” set in an old Pembrokeshire mansion that harbours sinister memories of long-forgotten dark deeds.
Darlleniadau allan o “Shadows” sydd wedi ei gosod mewn plas yn Sir Benfro sydd ag atgofion sinistr

Peppercorn Kitchenware: 



12:30 Will MacMillan Jones reads entertaining kitchen stories
Straeon difyr o’r gegin 


Eve’s Toy Shop: eve-shop_Wnf

1:00 Wendy White is the award-winning author of ‘Welsh Cakes and Custard’ and ‘Three Cheers for Wales’. Her latest book is ‘St David’s Day is Cancelled!’ She’ll read from all 3 and talk a bit about myself as a child. Suitable for 4 – 10 year olds.
Darlleniadau allan o lyfrau plant gan gynnwys “St.David’s Day is Cancelled”



2:15 Angela Fish Come along and meet Ben, his best friend Jess, and Scoot the dog. Find out about their adventures with Lox, Guardian of the Spider Kingdom. Their first quest is to find the pieces of the Spider Gate which has been broken by the magpies, but they must do this before the leaves fall from the trees. Maybe Ben’s wise gran knows the answers!
Meet Ben. Anturiaethau i blant am Ben a’i ffrindiau yn Nheyrnas y Corynnod

Deb’s Wool Shop: download (14).jpg

12:00 Ann Signol reading a story about Norris the Pantomime Horse, Gertie Gobstopper the Pantomime Dame and their adventures travelling through Wales and on the Gwili Railway.
Stori am gymeriadau pantomeim ar reilffordd y Gwili



1:45 Colin R Parsons will reading his short story: Norman’s Christmas Spirit, about Norman Dilbert, a hapless individual, who loves decorating his house for Christmas.There is plenty of festive fun in this story, with a lovely twist at the end, to make for a warm, Christmas treat.
“Norman’s Christmas Spirit”. Stori Nadoligaidd gyda thro cynnes

Red Cross Book Shop 12348046_1669064533375661_784006817071220746_n

12:00 Sam Smith will be reading from his Poetry collection: “Speculations and Changes”
Sam is editor of The Journal (once ‘of Contemporary Anglo-Scandinavian Poetry’) and publisher of Original Plus books.
Casgliad o farddoniaeth



1:00 Sally Spedding: a Reading from “Behold a Pale Horse”
It’s a literary thriller, set mainly in docklands London and Collioure in Roussillon in 1983, with a tragic, historical backstory involving the purge of the Knights Templar in 1307. Clement and Catherine’s new marriage is a sham, and her one, reckless false move will change their lives for ever.
Darlleniadau allan o nofel gyffrous wedi ei gosod ym 1983 a 1307 yn Llundain a Rousillon

2:00 Dafyd Wynn: Winner of the John Tripp award for poetry from his poetry
Cerddi gan enillydd gwobr Farddoniaeth John Tripp

Barr Jewellery: download.png

11:30 Kate Glanville will read from her novel Stargazing
“A warm and touching family drama exploring serious issues like family breakup, domestic abuse and falling for the right person. You can spend a lifetime gazing up at the stars but one day reality will bring you down to earth with a bump!”
Darlleniadau allan o’r ddrama deuluol, deimladwy, “Stargazing”



2:15 Wendy Steele reads an excerpt from her latest, witch-lit novel, The Orphan Witch.
Darlleniadau allan o nofel newydd, “The Orphan Witch”

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